you can do better than me

I was thinking today about what I should post – because I made this commitment, see, and it’s called post a day 2011. So every day I have to find new things to talk about. If you knew me, you’d laugh, because I notoriously never shut up, but as I pointed out last night, I usually get to a point somewhere- you just have to sift through (and sit through) a lot of B.S. first. And also that I digress often and often for no apparent reason. I have a short attention span.

So anyway, it’s four days into the new year and I still haven’t mentioned my New Year’s Resolutions yet. It’s possibly the fact that I have so many things I want to do this year, or possibly that I haven’t actually written them all down yet and they’re all just ideas in my head at the moment I think, however, that it’s because I still have a block in my mind about the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions – I don’t know where it came from but in my head there’s a stigma attached. Maybe I feel like I should be a good enough person that I don’t need resolutions to be better.

In any case, I’ve decided to limit my New Year’s resolutions to two, because everything else I can think of comes under these categories. I also don’t want to find myself beating up on myself because I feel like I failed in some respect. That’s stupid. It’s also, now that I think of it, another reason NOT to make New Year’s resolutions, and why I haven’t made them in the past. I am terrible at committing to these things. (so we’ll see how long this post a day thing goes, hey.)


New Year’s resolutions.

1. Just Be Better

2. Just Do Something

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