happy australia, or should i say invasion, day. woo hoo.

On this day in 1788, the first fleet landed in Sydney Cove. From then on began over 200 years of genocide, displacement and racism against the original Indigenous owners of the land. We celebrate this day Down Under with flag waving, beach-going, barbeque having and fireworks exploding displays of our ignorance and shame, hiding our true past and trying not to think about what this day means for many people – our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

They have, by almost nothing short of a miracle, survived the white colonists and so this day can be known as Survival Day or perhaps Invasion Day to the true owners of the land.

I raise my glass to the Indigenous population and I pray that we as a country can do better. I vow to do my part to raise awareness and share life with the Indigenous Australians.

They’re just family. We haven’t treated them as such but they’re just family.


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