home again, home again

Seeing as I don’t live at home anymore, and I work on Saturdays and often on Mondays, often during the week, and I study and you know, the life of a student (and a two – more on that later) is a very busy life. I’m young, right? I live.

So all things considered, I don’t get home very often, but when I do it’s always a treat. I get to sleep in (mostly) I get my meals made for me, I can lounge in my pj’s (assuming I remember to bring them with me… yeah…) and I get to see my family, which is moderately large. I’ve met larger, but we’re definitely larger than average.

The best thing about this particular trip home (I say, sitting in the sun in the dining room, with wireless internet and awesome company) is that my sister’s back from her nine-week-long trip overseas. I haven’t seen her for ages. It’s lovely. We get to chat about stuff and exclaim and be sisters. It’s awesome.

And we got a road trip home too. Hello, Little Red, Washington, Cute is What We Aim For. Hello, getting to know my sister’s boyfriend better. We have really, really good conversations.

Jiggedy jig.


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