becoming a hippie

I was talking about how I’m becoming a hippie, and my sister laughed and said “Becoming a hippie? Becoming more of a hippie, you mean.”

Woohoo! my sister thinks I’m already a hippie!

Well, I did preserve plums yesterday. I was home for a few days and my mum had acquired a vintage preserving vat.

So, because we have a plum tree that gives and gives and gives, and because I want to become a producer, not a consumer, because I love food and love to give, because the vat is amazing and vintage and I wanted to be able to say that I’d preserved something;

all of these reasons culminated in me and my sister and my mum  preserving plums yesterday morning. Even Dad helped. (he stones the plums for us.:)

So, I’m becoming a hippie, and I’m also becoming very domesticated. I think it helps that I’m living with people now. I have people to domesticate for. I’m very happy.


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