shameless plug

Recently, I’ve been involved in a few things that are awesome, and that you should check out.

Also known as: shameless plug time! yay!

For the last three months, I’ve been interning with Surrender. We at Surrender like to describe it as an idea, a concept, a movement. It’s not restricted by space and time and people. That being said, it’s also a conference and a network and a really exciting thing to be a part of. Surrender in Australia partners with some amazing organisations doing amazing things in response to the call to surrender; the call to live life as Jesus asked us to, the call to those on the margins and those who are downtrodden and oppressed.  Us interns have been hanging out with neighbourhood missionaries at UNOH; barbequeing it up with the team at concern; playing trouble at 614 with JustSalvos; talking about overseas grassroots mission with the guys at TEAR; meeting our neighbours at Urban Seed; and just generally finding out how lots of different people interpret life as called by Jesus.  The conference itself was amazing and deserves a post of its own, so I’ll be writing more on that later.

At the Friday night of Surrender, we had the Soul Survivor team come in, as part of our Youth Night. In the words of the Soul Survivor team, “Soul Survivor Melbourne is a volunteer run organisation dedicated to encouraging and equipping young people to know Jesus Christ, and live radically as his disciples.” It’s pretty amazing; the Soul Survivor in Melbourne just finished today, but it’s also run in NSW, New Zealand and the UK, where it all began.

If you’re not already sick of clicking on links, I have one more for you today. A bunch of my friends just recently started writing a blog together. It’s got some amazing thoughts and stories on it, and I really encourage you to check out KOG in the machine. Do it. Right now.

Happy Palm Sunday, the day we remember that our king didn’t ride to our rescue on a warhorse with fanfares blazing, to a welcome of a throne and bowing servants; he rode in the back way on a donkey, to a crucifix and a cold grave.

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