to ponder

One of God’s children died today, and the Western world celebrated.
This makes me think. Do we live in a world where violence is the answer? So many parents tell their children that it’s not, and yet here we are, happy that someone’s life is over.
Are we contradicting our values when we celebrate a murder? Sure, he killed many people. But this doesn’t add up. We cannot place one person next to another and decide that one of them deserves to die. It’s not our call to make.
Not only that, but bin Laden’s men used a woman as a human shield, and she died as well. But we are so caught up in the fact that a murderer got murdered, we don’t know her name, or her occupation, the number of her children, her thoughts, fears, desires.
We are all equally sinful, and all extended the same grace. God loves all equally and called us to do the same, yet we celebrate death, as though it could lead us to life. Death leads only to death.
There is no moral difference in killing. Every life is sacred.


One thought on “to ponder

  1. The sad thing is that much as people try to label it a “victory” against terrorism, in the next breath they have to admit that killing bin Laden won’t put a dent in terrorism – it may even make it worse. So all this celebration can only come down to one thing: a thirst for revenge. We think we’re so clever, taking out the enemy, but the only true solution is love. The whole Christian world needs to do YITS.

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