wilderness instinct

I made a garden. Well, I planted a lot of seeds, at least.

This happened a while ago, and those seeds have grown into seedlings and some have been repotted, and some have even made it into the ground. Happy!  I love my garden. I do. I love growing things and feeding my little sproutlings. 

I like to hang out on my back porch, with all my little seedlings, and listen to podcasts or watch youtube videos (because plants like to hear voices and music and stuff. It’s proven. Yup.)

I like to water my plants.

This is an exciting phase of my life. I’m turning twenty one next year (I know you know.) And I want to do some things before I turn twenty one. Like have a vegie garden that I started from seed and watched grow into food that I will actually eat. I want to do NaNoWriMo, because I’m crazy. I want to do some things. It’s exciting. This summer is going to go off the hook. It really, really is. I’m excited.

So here are some pictures of my garden so far. Labels are on plants so you know what I’m growing. I have a mini greenhouse because it’s still too cold for tomatoes and capsicum out in the real world right now. I have sunflowers planted!

Welcome to my garden.

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