I went to Luna Park the other day and ate cake and ice cream. That was pretty much my food for the day (after a muesli bar and a cup of coffee for breakfast, a mango macaron for morning tea and another cup of coffee with the cake). It was a fantastic day and sometime later in this blog I will wax rhapsodic about Acland Street and its history, the beach at St Kilda, that one time we went to cold rock and took funny photos and the market along the esplanade. But this post is not about those things.

This post is about ice cream. And cake. And guacamole.

See, sometimes it’s ok to start the day out with coffee and a macaron, eat ice cream for lunch and cake for afternoon tea; not only ok, but, it seems, required. Especially if you are going to Luna Park anyway. Surely all those calories will get scared off by the rollercoasters, right?

Not that it matters, because it’s not about feeling guilty. It’s about getting the balance right. Treating myself nicely. Which was why, when I got home that evening, I whipped together a little summer guacamole. Full of lovely ingredients like tomatoes, onions, avocado (of course) and corn, the pops of colour were just what I was craving.

And then I had it with super cheesy corn chips because I could.


This is more of a guideline than an actual recipe. You always want lots of avocado, but other than that, do what you will. I think this would go really well with refried beans, cheese and sour cream on top of corn chips, but that’s just an idea that I have in my head.

2 avocados

1 tomato

1 corn cob

1/2 red onion

juice of 1 lime

1/2 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp hot paprika

salt and pepper, to taste

Cube avocado and tomato and place in bowl. Slice the corn off the cob and add to the avocado and tomato; dice the onion and place with other ingredients.

Scatter lime juice, cumin, paprika and seasonings into the bowl and stir with two forks, mashing the avocado a little as you go. Taste and season appropriately.

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