It’s been almost a month since I last posted. I won’t make excuses. I will apologise, and promise many good things in the next few weeks. Starting with my new obsession.

Here’s a tip for you: smoothies that have spinach in them don’t have to star spinach. It can be a background ingredient, something that you add for its nutritional value. It makes you feel even more virtuous, not that that’s necessarily necessary when you’re having a smoothie in the first place, but it’s not bad.

Yes, smoothies have become a big part of my life. The blender lives on our kitchen bench. There’s frozen fruit in the freezer, a bowl full of peaches on the table, and yoghurt, milk and juice in the fridge. Myriad possibilities abound.

Smoothies are the kind of food you can easily experiment with. You can use anything you want, really, just chuck it in the blender. A smoothie will generally have three aspects:

Frozen: frozen fruit, ice cream, sorbet, ice, frozen yoghurt, any of these items go really well in a smoothie.

Fresh: fresh fruit or vegetables. Bananas are common, obviously, but also spinach, oranges, peaches, pineapple, passionfruit, apples, whatever you like.

Liquid: often juice or milk, you can use nut milks or soy milk or any kind of juice you like.

Many smoothies have a dairy component, whether it be the milk or added yoghurt. This also helps to bulk up the smoothie. Another component is grains or pulses, like flax seeds or oats, which are great for added fibre and protein. I’m considering the possibilities of a muesli smoothie. Really, do whatever you like. Using beautiful ingredients will give you a beautiful smoothie.

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