tomato onion jam

Hey guys. Hey. hey. (hey).

It’s been a while. Almost a full month, in fact, since I have graced the interwebs with the presence of a new post over in this here little corner. Hey. How are you? It’s been a hectic month, let us say the least.

Have I ever mentioned that I listen to the Joy the Baker podcast? I do. I do, I do, I do I do. (Watch Mamma Mia! Try to find a karaoke version and sing along. Do. Good for the soul, so long as you either watch and sing by yourself, or watch with people who don’t mind you singing along.)

Joy the Baker has a podcast in which she talks about the most important unimportant things with Tracy from I love it. It makes me laugh and it’s chock full of wisdom. Things like what to bake for boys, why you should embrace your inner hippie and the importance of being a strong, independent lady.

I just listened to about four podcasts in a row (I’d missed a few) while driving to and from the family home for Easter. This combination of factors (Joy the Baker podcast, driving for 2.5 hours twice in three days and hanging with my family) has induced me to write again. How exciting! But what to tell you?

What indeed? Well, Joy and Tracy suggested to tell you a few of my favourite things this week. So here we go.

I love coffee, and I’m getting into the short macchiato scene. It’s very cute, especially in a tiny blue cup.

Autumn, cold weather, and really pretty clouds.

A cup of tea. And a pretty view, but really, tea cures all things. Tea promotes good conversation. Tea is a connector. Tea is amazing.

Red Christmas crockpot.

Tomato onion jam. I made this approximately forever ago, and I know it’s probably too late to tell you about it. (see aforementioned autumn, cold weather, clouds etc.) It’s not tomato season but if you happen to have some late tomatoes – especially if they’re from your own garden, or someone else’s garden that you know,  make this. Then you can have the taste of summer all through the winter months.

I tried a tomato onion jam from Jam Lady Jam in Healesville, and it blew my mind. So when I found out that the strawberry farm near my old house sold tomatoes, I bought a bag and chopped them up, added onion and capscicum, some sugar and salt, and cooked it in my fourth favourite thing this week for approximately forever. Then we had some really fun adventures in trying to seal jars full of hot chutney/jam/bbq sauce and here we are today!

Tomato Onion Jam

This is not a recipe. This is a suggestion.

Gather a few kilos (I used three) of tomatoes. For each kilo, dice one large onion and saute in one tablespoon (approximately) of good olive oil. Dice a large capscicum (or a small capscicum) very small and toss it with the onions. Crush some garlic, depending on your tastebuds, and cook for about ten minutes.

Chop up your tomatoes. Stir them into the onions and cook for about three or four hours, over low heat, stirring every ten minutes or so. Jar and give to your friends to show them you love them.

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