i had a party

According to my last post, I had a birthday recently. A pretty significant one, apparently. And so, to celebrate, I threw a party!

At someone else’s house.

With lots of food.

Ok, context time. I have been living in a bit of a limbo situation since the end of February. I was in a house, and then I got kicked out of that house (for reasons not to do with me or my housemate) so since then I’ve been moving around a lot, and I’m still not in a permanent home type situation.

I knew exactly the type of party I wanted to have for my birthday but I was stressing out about having to find a venue, since I didn’t know where I was going to be living or whether I’d be able to host something at that house, when my amazing friends stepped in and offered their house, which they’d newly moved into. I was flabbergasted and overflowing with gratitude. And then it happened.

The party was amazing. I had all the people I loved most in one place and although the nature of these things is that you don’t get to have meaningful chats with everyone, I did get a decent amount of catching up and talking done, amongst the eating of the sweets and much amusement and merrymaking.

I went a little crazy on the food, because I love to eat and I am terrible at figuring out how much I’ll need for any amount of people. (I’m always terrified there won’t be enough to go around). So I’ll be backposting the recipes for a little while. I need a bit of time out from baking anyway. A little fresh air and spinach.

Best wishes!

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