I’ve been working on my fitness lately. After I ran a 14 km fun run in November last year, I let my running slip and over the holidays, even though I signed up for another race, my training got worse and worse. After this happened a couple of months ago, I took a few weeks to debrief and then began the long, slow process of running a little longer each week until I’m pushing myself, but not so much I feel like a limp noodle after a run. Well. A little like a limp noodle, maybe.

A big part of fitness is the fact that it’s a slow and sometimes painful process. In part because you get blisters and your muscles are working hard and maybe you get injured, and in part because it takes so long to feel like anything is happening at all. When I was first getting back into things, I felt like I could never run ten kilometres, let alone train for a half marathon – I couldn’t remember the person I was back in November. However, little by little, things have been getting easier and I am finally finding that sweet spot, somewhere in the middle of a comfortable distance when my mind goes blissfully blank and the kilometres seem to fly by. It’s a kind of peace, a stillness in the midst of movement. It doesn’t happen for long, but I’m working on it happening more often. 

eat breakfast

Another important factor is what I shove into my face. Fitness isn’t just to do with exercise, it’s a wholistic health process, a lifestyle if you will. And again, it’s slow and boring and most of the time I eat the same sorts of things, because I know what’s in them and they’re easy and they’re good for me. For the most part.

For my breakfasts, I’ve been eating pretty much exactly the same thing for six weeks, and I’ll be eating the same thing for the next six weeks (after which I will be doing something else exciting, so watch this space.) I never ate cereal as a kid: I didn’t like how soggy it got by the time I was finishing the bowl. When I grew up, though, I fell in love with muesli. I don’t like dried fruit in my muesli, though, so when I found Carman’s Original Fruit Free muesli, I knew I was onto a winner. Blueberries are delicious and good for you, and I’ve always loved Greek yoghurt. (Chobani is my new fave.) Because I use frozen blueberries (even in summer the price of fresh berries is too much for a poor student) I like to microwave the muesli, milk and berries for 25 seconds. This is also great because it means I get a warm breakfast on a cold winter’s day.

Here’s to routine. Here’s to becoming better people, in slow and incremental steps. Here’s to health. Here’s to us.

Much love, friends.

-e xx

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