about the cookie cutter

i am a nineteen year old girl. i like to ride my bike, go to farmer’s markets, cook and bake, write, read, laze, daydream, listen to music, hang around with my friends, have philosophical (and not so philosophical) conversations. i believe in God. i attempt to follow jesus in my everyday life, and it’s a major challenge, but i’m working on it, and that’s ok.

i love to bake and cook – it’s how i connect with people, it’s how i love to connect with God. this blog started out being a bit of a personal thing but for now i’m focusing on the food and organic lifestyle part of it. preserving, baking, gardening, to name a few things.

the name, cut the cookie, comes from this idea that we have the power to change the world. i have that power. you have that power. all you need to do is change yourself and you can do that. the problem is that often, we just go with the flow. we keep doing what everyone else is doing and we don’t take enough time to think, to be, to observe and to change our behaviour to what it really needs to be to have an impact on the world. because the world needs us. just look at the newspapers, biased though they are.

and so my challenge, everyday, is to be a cookie cutter, not a cookie. one who makes the changes, who sets the new status quo. jesus preached a kingdom of upside down values and it’s time to live them.



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