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literary drinking

This is really just my excuse to rant about The Great Gatsby [the movie] before it comes out. That way, I’ve got my ranting out of the way and I can just enjoy the movie when I actually go and see it, right?

Right. So, first up, I’m really excited about this movie. I know I’ve only read the book really recently (forgive me for not living in the US of A and being made to read it during an English class where I’ll be made to answer all the questions because no one else can be bothered to do the work and therefore hating it for the rest of forever because of all the negative associations) but I seriously feel an affinity with this book that means I will read it every year for the rest of my life. Or at least at regular intervals. The book is basically where the kings of metaphors hang out so getting to see those mind pictures in real life as depicted by Baz Luhrman has already made me into a tiny squealing fangirl more than once and I’ve only seen the previews. Continue reading


It’s been almost a month since I last posted. I won’t make excuses. I will apologise, and promise many good things in the next few weeks. Starting with my new obsession.

Here’s a tip for you: smoothies that have spinach in them don’t have to star spinach. It can be a background ingredient, something that you add for its nutritional value. It makes you feel even more virtuous, not that that’s necessarily necessary when you’re having a smoothie in the first place, but it’s not bad.

Yes, smoothies have become a big part of my life. The blender lives on our kitchen bench. There’s frozen fruit in the freezer, a bowl full of peaches on the table, and yoghurt, milk and juice in the fridge. Myriad possibilities abound.

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green monster smoothie

I know what you’re thinking. Spinach? In a SMOOTHIE?!?! Surely this girl is outside her mind. Surely she doesn’t want us to put SPINACH in a SMOOTHIE. Surely smoothies come from Boost Juice or New Zealand Natural, have frozen yoghurt/sorbet in them, berries and mango and passionfruit. And banana. Surely smoothies have banana in them.

Not this one.

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