sneak peek + news

the steam on that first cup of coffee in the morning

Hey guys! It’s been a while, I know, and I have a LOT of stuff to tell you about. I’m working on revamping the site, there have been a bunch of recipes I’ve been trying out and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

sneak peek

For now, though, the big news is that I have a new domain name! This site, I don’t know if you’d noticed, is now happily at home at We have a .com domain! This is very exciting news. I feel like it’s a proper website now, and I hope to be able to treat it like one. I’ll be updating more regularly and expanding a little on the content side of things.


Happy Sunday! Have a cup of coffee for me.

Much love, friends.

-e xx

sometimes the shit things happen


I don’t really want to talk about what actually happened.

That would mean admitting that it’s real.

to see who made it through the night

Sometimes the shit things happen in life.

I wish I could have done more, been more, seen more. I wish I could have helped. I wish things were different.

sunrise on the lake

They are not. This is real. This is life.

(or not.)

fitzgerald and coffee

My corner of the internet is small and lightly populated but it’s here and I do appreciate it. I am planning to fill it more soon but we’ll see how we go with dealing with the shit things happening.

just fucking love

Hold on to your families and your friends. Hold them tight and hold them close. Take care of each other. It’s important.

Much love, friends.

–e, xx

love, e



The rush of people suddenly in every retail outlet is something that you have to contend with around Christmas time. Even in the cafes and restaurants, because of course all those shoppers have to eat. And if you are a combination of the two – a cafe which also sells Christmas cakes and mince tarts etc. – you’re probably going to be busy around this festive season.

Oh well. It’ll all be over soon. Just a few more days and then it’s Christmas! A busy time, but also a reminder of what hope we have. A time for reflection and gratitude for what life has brought us this year. Just don’t get crushed in the rush of people buying last-minute Christmas gifts, hey. Continue reading

the thing about butter

So when I lived at home, I was the official “treat maker”. I liked to cook, and so my mum told me that if I made “recess food” (for those who don’t know, recess is the mini break Australian children have in between the start of school and lunchtime. In primary school it’s often known as playtime. I don’t even.) for my family, she would do the dishes. This, all you bakers out there know, is a BIG DEAL.

Unfortunately, I think Dad got stuck with doing most of the dishes and I got stuck with the reputation of avoiding dishes (although I’ve lived out of home for almost three years now and so do all my own dishes. Also, I do dishes for a living. Come on, guys!)

(A lot of parentheses in this post. Just a little notice that I noticed.)

All that to say, when I lived at home, I baked at home. A lot. I like to try things out, I like to bake delicious sweet things. (No, really. I really do. You can’t tell, can you?) Continue reading

gallons of tea and chocolate butter biscuits

I am surrounded by boxes.

I have to go over an obstacle course to get to my door.

I’m typing this on my bed because my desk is covered with stuff.

But five months after everything went pear-shaped, I finally have  a place to call home.

Home’s  a funny thing. Home is, famously, where the heart is, but it’s also where the people welcome you, where you can hang your hat up, where you can put your feet on the furniture and your alcohol on the windowsill. Home is where you keep your crap, literal and figurative in more than one sense.  Home is where no questions are asked and also where all the deep questions are asked. Home is when you can say that you’re stuffed and ready for bed and you can just go there. Home is re-discovering old clothes and old books. Home is baking at ten o’clock at night and rearranging the furniture to suit yourself.

Continue reading

i had a party

According to my last post, I had a birthday recently. A pretty significant one, apparently. And so, to celebrate, I threw a party!

At someone else’s house.

With lots of food.

Ok, context time. I have been living in a bit of a limbo situation since the end of February. I was in a house, and then I got kicked out of that house (for reasons not to do with me or my housemate) so since then I’ve been moving around a lot, and I’m still not in a permanent home type situation.

I knew exactly the type of party I wanted to have for my birthday but I was stressing out about having to find a venue, since I didn’t know where I was going to be living or whether I’d be able to host something at that house, when my amazing friends stepped in and offered their house, which they’d newly moved into. I was flabbergasted and overflowing with gratitude. And then it happened.

The party was amazing. I had all the people I loved most in one place and although the nature of these things is that you don’t get to have meaningful chats with everyone, I did get a decent amount of catching up and talking done, amongst the eating of the sweets and much amusement and merrymaking.

I went a little crazy on the food, because I love to eat and I am terrible at figuring out how much I’ll need for any amount of people. (I’m always terrified there won’t be enough to go around). So I’ll be backposting the recipes for a little while. I need a bit of time out from baking anyway. A little fresh air and spinach.

Best wishes!