spring salad

Real Life: I had salad for lunch AND dinner today.

It’s true. And it was delicious.

I’ve gotten into the habit of making myself a salad for lunch at work. I work at a cafe, so we get lunches for free and we make them ourselves. (That’s why I don’t have a picture of my lunch salad. I ate it at work. It was really good.)

It is going to be the summer of salads. I can feel it.

And juice. I made juice. Apple and pineapple and mint juice. De-licious.

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wilderness instinct

I made a garden. Well, I planted a lot of seeds, at least.

This happened a while ago, and those seeds have grown into seedlings and some have been repotted, and some have even made it into the ground. Happy!  I love my garden. I do. I love growing things and feeding my little sproutlings.  Continue reading

uh oh

So, it happened again. I missed out on posting. OH NO the world’s coming to an end, right?

I’m being facetious, I’m sorry. I was doing that all Sunday night, too, I had to keep telling myself off.

I had a good reason (again) for not posting yesterday. I moved! I am now living in the sticks, basically, but it’s awesome. The drive to anywhere is lined with trees and so pretty, I get to live with awesome people (who own a coffee machine. I’d put up with anything for that) there’s a veggie patch and it’s near all these awesome orchards and farms and places with great produce. I’m in love.

And the kitchen is bigger than the last place, too. Happy. I can bake without treading on three people’s toes! I’ll have to make a celebratory cake and tell you guys all about it. By the way, not only did I get raves about the flourless chocolate cake, I got someone who told someone else about it and they want the recipe. I love passing recipes along. It’s awesome. I’m going to go do that now. And then I’m going to hang out in the sun because it’s a beautiful day and life is filled with possibilities.