Yes, I am talking about the TV show. I love it, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Well, maybe sometimes.

For someone who’s resisted the pull of soap operas for most of my life, it surprised me that I went for this one. Implausible scenarios, weird people, ridiculous situations and all backed up by song. I think it was the song that got me, to be honest.

I love to sing. I am not good at singing. I much prefer to belt out songs from the comfort of my car as I drive along, pretending to be as good as my radio or cd. I have previously indulged in singing with choirs, but there’s always that scenario where they ask you to sing solo. I like to not be there for that part.

I will sing in ridiculous circumstances and totally not being serious, but I could never sing the way I would like to. So in Glee I can live vicariously through the characters – and stop and wonder if I was that clueless in high school.

But I do love the singing, and so of course I love the Glee cds. Sometimes, there’s that one popular song that you always listen to, turn it up on the radio, belt it out in the shower, feel it touch you or at least your feet and you get up and dance. So many times it’s happened but I never want to go out and buy the album, or I really dislike the artist, or singles don’t have enough songs on them; so the Glee cds are awesome because not only are they awesome songs, but even if they’re not, they sound really good done showchoir style. Many of my peers would say that Glee ruined certain songs for them, that they destroyed it! – but I love it, in all its tacky splendour.

So go on. Put on your favourite cheesy cd and belt it out, sister.