you’re a animal

Every time I go to a large shopping center, I find myself wandering around, wondering why I can’t seem to stop myself from engaging in the type of consumeristic, materialistic activities this society is dying by. I wander, and wonder, captivated by false beauty, hollow promises, glittery lies and pretty little nightmares…. Every time I manage to drag myself away – and yes, I do have to drag myself, because despite the fact that I am bored, I have no purpose and have been wandering around aimlessly for the past hour, I have this feeling that all my problems could be solved if only I could find the right pair of shoes – I ask myself why I felt I had to hide in such a soulless chapel, and I promise myself that next time, I will not fall to the religion of the masses. And yet, as I drive by, I find myself almost unconsciously indicating, turning into the carpark that could be the most amazing big playpark, if only the people with the power would actually think of the people and not be manipulated by the power of the people which is the money in the pockets of us ordinary people, who have power and misuse it just as often and as well… well, I think I’m rambling but I have to get this out and remind myself (in public forum no less) that things are bad but they could be worse, I have the power to change my life and that things don’t fill heart voids. And there is always another day. Just be better.