raspberry muffins, a basketful

There’s something about autumn that just makes me happy. In Melbourne, you get all the cold wet miserableness of winter, plus the pretty colours and occasional sunlight of autumn. It’s May, so that means we’re definitely in the swing of cold, blustery autumn. I love it.

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almond plum tray bake

It’s the start of things! It’s the end of summer and the start of new beginnings. I’m excited. Are you excited?

I’m excited. I have a few tentative New Years resolutions. I don’t usually make them because I don’t like feeling guilty when they don’t work out. But I am putting out into the world some goals. Some things I would like to do this year, what I would like to happen in my life. At the same time, I’m going to be nice to myself if I don’t achieve my goals.

I know it’s almost February but now feels more like the time to be making goals and lists and plans. It’s the start of new things NOW. It’s almost the end of the holidays, the beginning of the academic year, the start of something new.

Here goes.

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of lists and things

I love lists. I make to do lists, things I have to buy lists, people to call lists. I have a list of music I would like to acquire, books I want to read, books I want to own. Movies I have to see. This here is a list of list topics.

What I would do if I won the lottery.

Cars I would like to own and/or drive.

Places I want to visit. Places I want to live.

I make lists of the pros and cons of almost every major decision I make. It doesn’t always determine the outcome, but it helps.

Annoying habits of customers (I’m a waitress/check-out chick. ‘Nuff said.)

Cafes I want to go to.

Breakfast places.

Things I want to cook. Gadgets/kitchen appliances/utensils I want.

Socks I love/want.

What I want to do with my life.

Who I want to be.

Habits I’d like to cultivate. Habits I’d like to kick.

Ways I want to make the world a better place.

Ways of worship in everyday life.

How to live with other people and not want to kill them (or have them want to kill you… anyone got any ideas? Because I’m terrified.)

Songs I would sing on Australian Idol if I could sing.

Reality TV shows it’d be fun to be on.

Guilty little pleasures (watching reality tv, anyone?)

Painting projects.

Party ideas to bring people together.

Playlists I want to make/listen to.

Now the problem with all this is, I can’t just sit around making lists all my life. No matter how much fun it is to play around with stationary (stationary I’d love to play around with. People I want to write to. Reasons why snail mail is better than electronic) I have to actually do these things if I’m ever going to be that person I want to be, to have those habits, to listen to that music. And so.

I raise a toast to getting off your bum, out from in front of the computer screen, and into real life. Happy Monday.

you can do better than me

I was thinking today about what I should post – because I made this commitment, see, and it’s called post a day 2011. So every day I have to find new things to talk about. If you knew me, you’d laugh, because I notoriously never shut up, but as I pointed out last night, I usually get to a point somewhere- you just have to sift through (and sit through) a lot of B.S. first. And also that I digress often and often for no apparent reason. I have a short attention span.

So anyway, it’s four days into the new year and I still haven’t mentioned my New Year’s Resolutions yet. It’s possibly the fact that I have so many things I want to do this year, or possibly that I haven’t actually written them all down yet and they’re all just ideas in my head at the moment I think, however, that it’s because I still have a block in my mind about the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions – I don’t know where it came from but in my head there’s a stigma attached. Maybe I feel like I should be a good enough person that I don’t need resolutions to be better.

In any case, I’ve decided to limit my New Year’s resolutions to two, because everything else I can think of comes under these categories. I also don’t want to find myself beating up on myself because I feel like I failed in some respect. That’s stupid. It’s also, now that I think of it, another reason NOT to make New Year’s resolutions, and why I haven’t made them in the past. I am terrible at committing to these things. (so we’ll see how long this post a day thing goes, hey.)


New Year’s resolutions.

1. Just Be Better

2. Just Do Something