a confession

of the lighthearted kind.

I love… promise you won’t laugh…socks. And legwarmers. And armwarmers. Hats and shoes also – I’m an accessories b*tch, what can I say. And I confess this to you now because I just got an order from Sock Dreams delivered today! Yay!

I got the Harajuku Super Loose socks in Milk Tea (cos I love my tea milky and sweet… Actually, I’ve been eyeing these off for a while. And then the earthquake happened in Japan and these were made in Japan, so it’s kind of a way to support. Just a little. On that also, I figured everyone was blogging about Japan, so why add another clanging bell? I have nothing new to say, it’s just unbelievably tragic. Ah, I digress again.) and the Super Ms in Dark Red because they didn’t have Olive.

I wanted to wear them immediately but I only have work today so I’m going to save them for tomorrow. I am so excited, not least because it’s almost winter, my favourite season, but also because, well, you gotta be excited about something. And there hasn’t been much to be excited about this past week.

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